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February 07, 2013



Kim, this looks amazing! You did a great job.....ahhh the many talents of Kim Caldwelll....

valarie kraft

This is amazing. Please come to Colorado And help me. Xxoo. Valarie


Everything looks lovely, Kim! Bravo!

jessi nagy

it looks fabulous!!!!
i lkove the chair cover idea. so cute


Hello American Airlines...... We are getting our new house with that HUGE WORKSHOP... Think we could work magic there??? And then we'd have to go to Canton or something fun like that!

GREAT JOB KIM! I know that Alicia will love her new space. Her sister Leslie sent me the link to this post so I'd be sure to see it. She's so proud too. HUGS!

Andrea Villarreal

Oh my gosh that is amazing!! I especially love the chair and all the book shelves. Beautiful job!

Terri Gordon

Wow, You did a beautiful job! I hate to say that my room looks like the before! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Terri


What a transition! It looks lovely now!


Wow! What a difference you made! I have found that I'm very good at the acquiring phase and not so great at the organizing phase. I've had to make myself slow down and sort out the things I really love and that I really want to see in my space.

Becky Elliott

Wow! Just beautiful and amazing! What a transformation! I'm getting to paint and redo my own craft room, so you've given me lots of ideas! Thank you!


Wow! Gorgeous! Before I moved back here to my new home, my old home in Orange was a tri-level and the whole bottom floor was my craft room...HUGE! Unfortunately, it looked almost exactly like Alicia's room and I couldn't get around it after I had the baby, had the back surgery, etc! I should have contacted you...You awesome miracle worker! I have all my craft "stuff" in storage except for a shelf full of the most pertinent supplies I need here. I'll have to keep you in mind because the "2 part" of my 3 car garage is going to be my craft area and I need to put it together organized! You performed a gorgeous miracle here!

heidi woodruff

Fantastic! Oh my! You've given me hope....I CAN DO THIS! (I'll keep repeating, as long as necessary to get my craft room up to par...wish I had a larger space to work with, but I AM thankful for the room!)
Hugs, Heidi

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