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April 14, 2008


sherry bamsey

it was a wonderful full creative day and you said it so much better than I could. It was so fun to get to be with you and Cheryl and surprise Kim. The look was worth a million when she turned and saw you guys. Lots of memories. Hmmmm now to scrap them

Glee Scrap

Thanks for more of the "story" and photos from t!m's classes last weekend...your blog looks great (this was my first visit)!


You always explain our crazy weekends so eloquently!! Maybe I will just post a link on my blog to yours and say.....Read all about it here!! Thanks again for such a great weekend. I truly value our friendship!

jessi nagy

OMG!!! how fun was that? wow!! jealous, i wish i could have come.
you all look so cute!
tim is so nice, i bet you had a great time!!!
see ya soon sister,
you have a little package coming in the mail this week, just for you!!!
so open and enjoy.
i will mail my supplies and swaps later htis week.

suzi finer

ooh...so much fun!

Anita @ The Pink Funny Farm

Ah, ah, ah....you missed us again! One of these days...we are going to make a whole "girl's thing" for you all! We'll even try to arrange for a cute guy to be there!


I'm so glad that both you and Cheryl were able to come to Tim's classes and to surprise Kim. That was so much fun. It was great to see you again.

Kimberly Kwan

looks like the surprise (and the entire day) was WONDERFUL! Kim is lucky to count you among her friends!

Oh, and Tim Holtz? AH-MAZING!

kim hesson

look i can leave comments now!
gr8 weekend!

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