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May 07, 2009


Loretta Reynolds

Kim I told you they would be flying out of there! I was stopped constantly during Reflections with people asking about my Tote.
I told them to see you at the vendor fair, so I knew people were waiting to find you.

I'm so happy they are selling so well. I love mine.


Debbie Olson

I found your site through Melissa Phillips' blog--such beautiful creations you have concocted! (I can see why they are sold out!)

jessi nagy

hey love bug,
eekk they are all so cute.
im glad you had a fab weekend.


Sweet. A lot of scrappers look a lot better now totting your totes. Love al the colors.


YAY!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you and this amazing experience. You truly deserve all the success, Kim! Looks like it was a great time and your creations are so beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day.


kim hesson

what a blast it was! it was just a week ago and it seems like it was forever ago already! :( your totes are always so beautiful in person! they are a wonderful addition to any crafters list of "must haves"! looking forward to the next event and the late nights and laughing that come with it!

Susan Shintaku

look how pretty they all look sitting there. It was so much fun seeing you, Kim and Cheryl there.


Nancy Jamar

Kim: New totes look divine! No wonder they're a hit...

Kathy Jacobson

Kim your totes are just gorgeous...I'm so happy for you! I'm looking forward to seeing your new ones...(they were, of course, sold out before I even had a chance) =)



I was one of the very lucky ladies that received a tote "Elisa" I am in Heaven! Thank you, Thank you!


Your display is LOVELY! There is nothing better than storage that is beautiful, and functional. You have got the eye for perfect fabric combinations!

Maija Lepore

I am so happy for your success! You are truly talented!

Joy Campbell

Hey Girl you ROCK!!!! I am thinking I may need a new tote, just so I can mix it up alittle...love to colors, but then I always do!

See you very soon sweetie


Susan Lyons

I'm so glad you could come. Everyone was so happy with their new, beautiful totes. Hope to see you soon!

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