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August 15, 2009



Stunning and oh so very thoughtful!
~I love the fact that the little girl is YOU at three!!!
~I know that you will cherish this for so many sweet reasons!

Karen DeCapite

That is just the sweetest! I know it had to make your day!!
Enjoy - and I love your dress form You should name her!!

Bernadette Gibson

Wow! Such beauty! I never knew that the little girl was you. Thank you for sharing.


That is so pretty and how neat that is you as a little girl~ I never knew that either!


OMG! the apron is gorgeous! you must be thrilled!! xo natalea

catherine myers

Such a pretty apron! You can sure see the resemblance between your little girl and you -- carbon copies!

Bunny Rose Cottage

It is just beautiful! I love it!!! What a special gift from special friends :) Such a darling picture of you too!

Lori Janiszewski

Wow! That's an amazing apron! How sweet that it was a picture of you.


Your Holly apron OOOOOZ's with SWEETNESS! Im dying over all the pretty details. Im can only imagine how giddy you must have been when you laid eyes on it. Her aprons have that *magic*! Cant wait to see you wearing it at Silver Bella! See ya soon! ;) Xo,Jenn

Natasha Burns

That is SO special and so adorable and such a sweet story! I just LOVE that the picture of the little girls is YOU!!!


I feel so loved! Thank you so much Kim, for a lovely and heartfelt blog post. I am smiling from ear to ear! I am so glad we are friends. I just adore you!

See you in just a couple days! Can't wait!



Cheryl Marshall

What a beautiful apron and wonderful friends!


Alison Gibbs

What a beautiful gift

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