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March 24, 2010



It really was amazing Kim! I love your photos too! It is so fun to see all the different pics that everyone took! Thank you thank you for making this happen! You are the best!
love love love

scrappy Jessi

hey sweets.
i'm still coming down from my trip.
it was amazing. so fun. i loved having it at Disneyland. awesome!The teachers were incredible! the decor, off the hook. the food, the shopping, OK the WHOLE weekend was one of the best i have ever had.
Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate you, and all you do.
see ya soon


marilyn adams

i am so sad i wasn't able to come to your fabulous party. from your pics i can see it was all i thought it would be and more. can't wait to see your camera bags.


I have so enjoyed looking at all the pictures that everyone has taken and 1 more beautiful than the other. I have 1 of your events on my "to do" list! I don't know how you do it but you out do yourself everytime. Great group of friends always add to wonderful events! Thank you for sharing your pictures...Grace xoxo

Tamerie Shriver

As always, your attention to detail is just amazing!!! It all looks so pretty and festive! I have heard only wonderful things about the weekend. Sorry I missed out on all the fun.

Love and hugs,


Awesome and fabulous, as usual! So wish I had been able to prolong my visit and come to your Mad party!

Cherie Wilson

Looks really marvelous Kim. Congrats on such a lovely event! XO


Oh my Kim ~ what an amazingly mad fun time you all had! You are so very talented...one of these days I will come and play, promise! xo H


Oh Kim.... Im so sad I missed this... it looks wonderful... and I heard it was the cats meow!! Miss you!!


It was an amazing weekend~~~Thank you for all your hard work~~every detail was noticed!

What a blessing to be apart of this celebration and creative adventure in wonderland:)

Kay Ellen

Suz Reaney

Someday, Kim.
That is just unbelievably beautiful and creative!


Looks absolutely AMAZING Kim...I can't wait to come out for one of your events. I wish I lived closer! xoxo

Joanne Leddy

Wow, I wish you lived near me! I hosted a New Moon party for my daughter and her friends. Pics are on my blog. Nothing as grand as yours but I think we had some cute ideas. I hope you can visit! (Look around the March 20th postings.

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