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June 23, 2011



Oh, BOY, I am going this year!!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!


Well, NEXT year, LOL I got the calendar MARKED!!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Oooh I love the theme!!! I marked my calendar! Wouldn't miss it! xo,Jenn

Maija Lepore

I'm so down with that!!!

Stacy McGinnis

Woo Hoo! Love it! :)


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kim!!! Can't wait!

Cheryl Stoneham

I'm so there! Love it!

sherry bamsey

Can't wait


What a coincidence! I have to confess that I have never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's. Well maybe few parts when I was little. Then yesterday while shopping I found a dvd of the movie. I am So looking forward to watch it all by my self! Kim you are such a wonderful organizer everybody looks forward to be part of your adventure and for us in blogland we do enjoy all the photos that you share after the event. HAVE FUN.....Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls. Ciao Rita

Erin Barraza

Can't wait for the details. I'm tickled pink....or should I say Tiffany blue?:)


I LOVE the theme!!!! And I'm glad it's later in the year than March!!! I can't wait to see the classes!!!! Yipppppeeeeeee! I just love your events KIM! HUGS!

Kathy Jacobson

Just when I think I couldn't be more excited about one of your events!!!!!!

Pearl Maple

Fantastic theme, brings all kinds of things to imagine including me getting the boss to agree to holidays that week

Breezy Weekes

Ooooo...you got my attention! I want to go!


Perfect timing. I think I can slip out of the classroom for a few days by May! Can't wait to learn the details!!

m i c h e l l e

Oh my oh my! Love it!

Susan Shintaku

Love love Love! I'm so there :-)


Shannon Hatfield

When you told me about this the other day, I hadn't seen it on your blog yet! I will definitely be signing up for this one and I am SO EXCITED!!!

Kim Caldwell

Hope you can come play with us again cutie!!




Even though this is during finals I don't care...count me in lol! Yay!! See you in October! xo

Pansy Cottage Girl

Looks like fun!


I'm hooked and dying for more details. Please tell me they are coming soon!

kim hanauer

Fall is coming soon...Can`t wait! I have always loved Audrey Hepburn. Breakfast at Tiffany`s...so chic!
Thanks for having another event!


this looks like it's going to be fun!

Christine Barker

I'm so excited! Love the movie, love the Tiffany Blue color and especially love the trinkets at Tiffany!

Hurry up May!

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